Physical Education


Physical Education

Physical Education at Greythorn Primary School is fun for all and provides students the building blocks to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, now and into the future.


Students from Foundation through to Year 6 attend weekly Physical Education lessons during which they are taught Fundamental Motor Skills as well as concepts of movement, coordination, cooperation and healthy lifestyles according to the Victorian Curriculum.


Foundation students are introduced to the fundamental skills including running, jumping, skipping, throwing, catching, kicking and bouncing. These skills are built upon in Year 1 and 2 and then applied into more structured games in Year 3. Once students hit Year 5 and 6, it’s time to apply these skills with tactics and game strategies, with many students representing the school in the Inter-school Sport program.


In 2017, we started the year off with ‘Tennis Week’, with all students participating in a Tennis clinic run by Greythorn Park Tennis Club and utilising funding through the Sporting Schools Grant. As well we Tennis, students are taught the skills to a range of team sports including and not limited to, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, AFL, Soccer, Cricket, Volleyball, Softball and T-ball.


Students participate in units of work focusing on movement, including Gymnastics (junior school), Fitness/long distance running in the lead up to the whole school House Cross Country and Athletics, in preparation for House Athletics. Each student from Foundation to Year 6 also undertakes 2 weeks of intensive Swimming each year.


A Sport program is run for all students from Foundation to Year 6 in addition to weekly Physical Education lessons. This involves the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) in Prep, Minor Games in Year 1 and 2, Intra-school Sport in Year 3 and 4 and Inter-school Sport in Year 5 and 6.


Greythorn Primary participates in the North Balwyn District as part of School Sport Victoria. This gives our students the opportunity to represent the school in weekly Friday Sport, Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, as well as a number of Gala Days throughout the year.


Physical Education is a fun opportunity for students to not only develop physical skills, but learn teamwork, sportsmanship, co-operation, communication and fair play. So pop your runners on, jump out of bed… PE is on today!

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