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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making the election fundraiser a success. An amazing $2,000 was raised for the school – a fantastic effort!
While the school benefited financially from the day, many members of the broader community appreciated the opportunity to purchase cakes and sausages, and the way that the stalls livened up the voting experience.
The funds raised will be directed to the Discovery Centre – the major target for fundraising dollars over the coming 12 months.
Thanks especially to Danni Brown, Kate Locke and Liddell Dawes and all the wonderful volunteers for all their efforts in organising and running the cake stall and BBQ. Special thanks also to all of the kids who helped out on the day.
Finally, thank you again to all those members of the school community who baked, gave their time to organising and running the stalls and to those who shopped at the school on the day. All of your contributions were very much appreciated. Well done Greythorn family and friends – another great fundraising event!

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PFA Balwyn Dough Raiser

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Disco Bingo
The sequins, mini-skirts and BIG hair were out in force at Greythorn Primary on Saturday night. Disco Dolly kept parents and teachers entertained with a musical twist on traditional bingo. Lots of items were auctioned, and there were some very interesting dance moves. Mrs Boyce has certainly got the rhythm in her!
Sincere thanks go to all those families who helped, donated and attended the night. Fiona and Jodi deserve specialmention for their tireless hunting for donations. Thank you everyone!

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