OSH Club

Program Update

Hello Everyone!


Just to inform all the parents who were keen to know about my plans for the term, I’m sadly finishing

with Greythorn at the end of term 2 and for next one month I’ll only attend aftercare but for before

care my other staff members would be able to run a smooth program. It’s been a long journey here in Greythorn, children, teachers and parents have supported me right from the start and are still

supporting me with the transition of finding a new coordinator for Greythorn. Lucas Barbuto,

Chris Bourke and Grace Holland will still be here and will ensure for a smooth running of a program.


Last week we had lot of challenges in Oshclub like straw building, 3D creation from pop sticks,

Hama beads creation and Lego building challenge for indoor activities. As our outdoor activity

we mostly played footy and tennis because these two sports seem to be the most popular sports

along with playground fun. We are utilising Lucas’s sporting ability to the fullest as he was a footy

coach before starting in Oshclub.




As part of the current regulations all parents are required to update the enrolment form online

 if they want to add anyone for their pick up list. Also please ensure to provide me all necessary

 medical documents if your child has medical needs as soon as possible because most of the action

 plans are about to expire or are already expired.


Please see below for our upcoming program that is full of fun activities to keep us toasty warm

during these wintry days. 


Hope to see you at OSHClub soon.

This Week’s Activities








Before Care Activities

Cartoon flip books

Rainbow fish

Paper plate Elephants

Monster Masks

Paper chain caterpillar


After Care Activities

Cat Face Book Mark

Design a puzzle


Elmer the Elephant

Where the Wild things are

The very Hungry Caterpillar


Parent Information

OSHC program phone: 0411 392 707

Coordinator: Rashmi Gandhi

Assistants: Lucas Barbuto, Nasrin, Grace

OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000