Canteen Bites



Help needed 




Monday mornings for an hour after drop off 




The canteen will be trialling Sipahh Milk Flavoured Straws from Monday 20th November. 


Orders will only be accepted online with a cost of $2:00.  Please see more information on Myschool connect.







If you are able to assist in picking up the sushi on a Friday from JOE's Sushi at 11:45 and dropping to the canteen please contact me 0422588731.



Thursday 16th November

Lydia Winstanley

Friday 17th November

Linda Muir

Monday 20th November


Tuesday 21st November


Wednesday 22nd November


Thursday 23rd November

Kate Locke

Friday 24th November

Student free day

Monday 27th November


Tuesday 28th November


Wednesday 29th November