Canteen Bites



Help Required 




I am currently looking for canteen assistance for the 2nd Thursday of the month 10:30 - 1:15pm.




Dates include 10th August,14th Sept.12th Oct, 9th Nov and 14th Dec




3rd Friday of the month 10:30—1:30 dates include 21st July, 20th Oct, 15th Sept 17th Nov and 15th Dec .




5th Friday of the month 10:30 -  1:30 dates included June 30th, July 29th and Sept 29th




All you need is a current Working With Children Card, comfy shoes and a smile ! Tea, coffee and lunch is provided .




If you can assist please give me a call or drop me an email at













Thursday 22nd June

Kate Locke

Friday 23rd June

Janita Thompson-Smith

Monday 26th June


Tuesday 27th June


Wednesday 28th June

Carolyn Baker

Thursday 29th June

Clarissa Koukounas

Friday 30th June


Monday 17th July


Tuesday 18th July


Wednesday 19th July