School Attendance

The current DEECD message, ‘Every Day Counts’ is an initiative aimed at improving student attendance. From 1st January 2014, amendments to the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 came into effect in relation to the enforcement of compulsory school enrolment and attendance. New procedures to implement the legislation took effect on 1 March 2014.


The Victorian Government has introduced these new measures to ensure students attend school every day and get the most out of their schooling. We all know that attendance at school is important. There are many learning opportunities and experiences that are planned at school to build students’ skills, knowledge, attitudes and confidence which sets them up for future success in their schooling.


School Principals are being asked to monitor the patterns of student absence and to provide support to families who are unable to provide a reasonable excuse for their child’s absence. In some cases these absences can be reported to the School Attendance Officer.


At Greythorn, extended absences are often attributed to family holidays and travel interstate or overseas. Whilst we encourage families to take these trips during school holiday time we understand that this is not always possible. We recognise that travelling provides valuable cultural, historical and life experiences that are supporting students to achieve some of their educational outcomes.


Coming to school is vital, but if for some reason your child must miss school, we ask you to speak with your child’s classroom teacher to find out if there is anything your child needs to do to keep up. Often this is continuing with daily reading, writing journals and completing mental maths activities by accessing sites such as Mathletics.


Click here for more information about “Every Day Counts – Primary school attendance”.

Our absence procedures will remain the same.

Below is the absence section of our Parent Handbook for your information:


It is a requirement and it is important that your child maintains full school attendance for prescribed times unless she/he is ill. [No facility exists at school to care for unwell students.] A note to the class teacher, upon return is a school requirement.
If your child arrives at school after 9am you must report to the school office to sign them in and take a note to the class teacher. All students leaving school during school hours must be signed out by a parent or representative at the School Office before the child is collected from the classroom.